Pasifika   |   Fletcher Building


Island:   Samoa
Village:   Le’auva’a, Sataua

University:   University of Auckland
Studying:   Conjoint BCom/BSci
End Date:   November 2018


The corporate environment is one in which everyone works together resulting in tight-knit relationships throughout the organisation. There is a similarity in regards to the close relationships Māori & Pasifika have with each other, a family like bond.

This internship has given me an insight as to what the corporate working world is like. It has tested my skillset through exposure to unfamiliar working situations enabling growth and first-hand experience. Although my time at my internship is limited, I have gained wealth in regards to my acquired skills, experience of the corporate working world and networks that have been created. I have met amazing people who have been kind enough to share their knowledge with me and guide me along my way, in particular Neil Watson, Brenda van Niekerk and the team at ‘Easysteel.’

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