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Iwi:   Tainui, Ngapuhi
Michael Hebden, Nadine Hebden

University:   University of Auckland
Studying:   Law and Commerce
End Date:   2020


I have had a number of opportunities to embrace my culture doing a presentation on Te Ao Māori to help everyone in the APO office get a better understanding of Tikanga and the Māori world view, taken Te Reo tutorials where I have taught some everyday phrases they can use around the work place. I also helped them to write their own mihi.

This internship has given me a great insight into the corporate environment. I have been able to develop my skills in a number of areas that are invaluable for my future career. I have been able make use of my economics degree by considering society’s wellbeing when working on urban policy, and I have a better understanding of government law and policy.

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