Pasifika   |   Air New Zealand


Island:   Fiji

Village:   Rotuma
 Andrea Kennedy, Simon Coleman

University:   University of Auckland
Studying:   Bachelor of Commerce
End Date:   November 2017


My maternal grandmother’s ancestors were made up of slaves from the West Indies who escaped with Robert Louis Stevenson in the 1890s and settled in Samoa. Her maternal ancestors were from Rotuma and then my great grandparents settled in Fiji together. My Pakeha grandparents on my paternal side went to work in the educational sector in Labasa, Fiji and my father although Pakeha was born there in the 1960’s.

This internship has taught me about the day to day running of companies like AirNZ and how to conduct business. I have also gained experience from attending meetings with external customers and suppliers and from networking sessions with senior leaders and how to ask for their advice for my own journey.

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