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Island:   Samoa

Village:   Vaitele Tai, Tuana’i
Junior Tuia, Taupule Tuia

University:   University of Auckland
Studied:   Bachelor of Commerce


I remain true to who I am, my values as a tama’ita’i Samoa. The way I dress, behave, speak and respect other people has continued to reap an amazing experience when given the opportunity to meet with different people from different parts of the business.

This internship has made me more confident, given me a better view of the career opportunities available within the corporate sector and how to be strategic about working towards it. It has caused me to be very determined about where I want to start and how I should measure my success in what I plan and strategise to become. I am very thankful for the opportunity and hope that all who have the privilege of being part of TupuToa in future will acknowledge TupuToa’s contribution to their career.

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