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Island:   Samoa

Village:   Fasitoouta
Eneliko Taliaoa, Lealofi Taliaoa

University:   University of Auckland
Studying:   Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems)
End Date:   2018


I believe we must work together to achieve the one main goal - Respect for one another despite differences. I have embraced my Pasifika culture by being comfortable being me at work, around my colleagues and managers.

This internship has broadened my knowledge of the corporate world, exposing me to a different industry and the different jobs and roles it encompasses. At Spark I’ve been able to experience first-hand some of the jobs related to my degree, giving me more foresight into what careers are out there for me. My work at Spark has also allowed me to build and strengthen my soft skills; working with teams, being organised and managing the completion of my deliverables and adapting to work changes.

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