Pasifika   |   Fletcher Building


Island:   Tonga

Village:   Kolomotu’a Haveluloto, Tongatapu.

Parents:   Lea’aepule To’ofohe

University:   University of Auckland
Bachelor of Architectural Studies

End Date:   November 2018


Moving from a small nation in the South Pacific to NZ is easier said than done. This is exactly what my parents did and because of their sacrifice, I am hugely grateful. I’ve been taught the importance of my faith and family from a very young age and ever since, have been the foundations in which I believe will allow me to succeed in life.

This internship has really changed my perspective of the corporate working world by redefining what it means to “design.” Coming straight out of the University of Auckland, where conceptual and imaginative ideas are strongly emphasised, into unfamiliar territory, has given me major exposure to the commercial business. I leave this internship with a much different perception and deeper understanding of what the corporate world entails.

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