Pasifika   |   ACC


Island:   Samoa

Village:   Alafua
Tafaogalupe Tupua

University:   University of Auckland
Studying:   Bachelor of Law, 
Bachelor of Arts (Hons)
End Date:   June 2018


Interpersonal respect is a fundamental concept in our culture and it’s imperative in the corporate in world in order to function as a group. Underlying this concept is humility, and when we speak of it, it does not mean that we are subservient in any way, it simply means that respect is coupled with humility.

This internship has given me a fresh career perspective. Working with ACC has given me greater insight into the operation and composition of the corporate public sector. Intimately, ACC granted an opportunity, to a Pasifika student, to acquire the requisite skills and experience needed to build a career in the corporate realm. I’m leaving this internship with personal and professional growth, knowing that I am no longer foreign to the workings of the corporate world. While there is a long way to go in diversifying the face of corporate NZ, this microcosm of change is revolutionary.

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