We grow Māori and Pacific leaders for a greater Aotearoa


Ka tupu te moko taro me aravei i te vai ora.
Young taro shoots will grow if they meet lifegiving water. 


Tupu is about flourishing, thriving and growing into who you were meant to be given the best conditions. Metaphorically, tupu also connects us to our ancestors (tupuna), our heritage is an integral part of our identity. 


Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini.
My strength is not that of a single warrior, but that of many. 


Toa means courage. It is the name of the strongest tree found in the Pacific, casuarina equisetifolia, used to make weapons for warfare. Toa is the name used for a warrior or a hero, and refers to bravery and boldness. 


TupuToa seeks to ensure corporate Aotearoa is representative of our country, by developing and empowering our people and building the cultural capability of our partners.

Our programmes aim to address the persistent inequalities facing our communities and disrupt intergenerational disadvantage. We work to reduce entry and advancement barriers which are biased against Māori and Pacific communities and support organisations in successfully recruiting and onboarding Māori and Pacific peoples. 

This is achieved by the following initiatives. 


Internship Programme

Our flagship programme provides internships for tauira creating a pathway into a professional career and enables our employment partners to diversify their workforces.

TupuToa Alumni

Overtime, we will produce a powerful network of Māori and Pacific leaders who are culturally intelligent, innovative, creative and globally connected. Contact us to get involved. 


TupuAke is a work-ready programme designed to support Māori and Pacific people to find their way in the competitive job market.

Kete TupuToa

Through statistical analysis, we are developing a stronger understanding of the factors contributing to the challenges impacting the career development of Māori and Pacific peoples. This will support TupuToa and other organisations in designing initiatives to address these. Contact us to learn more.


Manaaki tauira
Student centric

Our students are at the core of our programme

Kia ū ki te tikanga-ā-iwi
Culturally driven 

We are driven and guided by the Māori and Pacific communities we serve

Mahi ngātahi

We work in partnership with businesses, tertiary institutions and Māori and Pacific communities, as well as building wider strategic alliances

Kia mana ai ki ngā mahi

We are an honest and purpose-led organisation with integrity


TupuToa Māori

Cadetship Programme

The TupuToa Cadetship Programme in association with Te Puni Kokiri Ministry of Māori Development empowers rangatahi Māori to achieve their professional goals in the workplace, whilst highlighting the mana of connection to their identity, their whānau, hapū and iwi.

We do this by securing employment opportunities through our business and corporate partners


TupuToa is an innovative partnership between partner organisations, interns, tertiary institutions, whānau and Māori and Pacific communities. 


Meet our trustees and the
Team behind the mahi. 


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