A night to remember

While most of us have taken a break from the workplace over summer, a future generation of Māori and Pasifika leaders have been completing internships with some of New Zealand’s notable corporates.

On February 22, the inaugural TupuToa Gala Dinner will celebrate the 28 interns who have completed summer internships, applying their tertiary studies in the corporate workplace.The event also acknowledges the support provided by host corporate agencies and the interns’ whānau throughout the internships.

TupuToa, which launched at the end of 2016, is an innovative national internship and early career development programme with a focus on delivering sustained support for Māori and Pasifika tertiary students and early career graduates to fulfil their career aspirations and become business and community leaders in NZ and internationally.

Co-Chair of TupuToa Rangimarie Hunia says the Gala Dinner is a special celebration, with all the stakeholders involved.

“It will be an exciting mix of business culture, and the cultures of our Māori and Pasifika interns - it will be a night to remember.”

During the event we'll showcase how the corporate landscape is set to change, while also providing an insight into the amazing young people, who will be our future leaders, and how both corporates and students can benefit from participating in the programme.

“TupuToa is a response to a diversity issue in New Zealand’s corporate workforce, that sees very few Māori and Pasifika professionals entering the corporate workforce and progressing into leadership positions,” Rangimarie explains.

“The consequences of this impact our young people, Māori and Pasifika communities and create unnecessary division in society, and it means corporate entities miss out on the benefits of diversity, and authentic connections to these markets.”

TupuToa’s corporate partners are leaders in this space – they have recognised solutions need to be a true partnership between the corporate community, Māori and Pasifika communities and their young people, and our tertiary institutions, Rangimarie continues.

“Our corporate partners have been absolutely fantastic supporting this, and our TupuToa interns are exhibiting the leadership traits that New Zealand needs for the future - they are bright, they know where they come from and are connected to their communities, and they have a burning desire to continue to learn and to create a prosperous and inclusive New Zealand for all.”

By being part of TupuToa, young people are culturally empowered, and they are able to create amazing networks through fellow interns, host agencies, and the network of Māori and Pasifika professionals supporting TupuToa.

"TupuToa provides benefits to all stakeholders, and is a loop starter to creating positive change for the future of New Zealand Inc.", Rangimarie says. Next month’s TupuToa Gala Dinner will be brimming with inspiration, while spurring guests to view workplace culture through a different lens.

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For more information about TupuToa visit www.tuputoa.nz

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