Noho Marae

Our Noho Marae event is an opportunity for interns and TupuToa team to collaborate and connect in a less formal environment. An overnight stay at a local Marae.

TupuToa interns participate in development workshops facilitated by select members of the community. Teresa Ngau Chun was one of our hosts. She lead a discussion on personal identity – we are an intricate tapestry of all who have been before us. She followed guest speaker, Sione Taunga. He encouraged the interns to identify their passions and fearlessly pursue their goals.

Following some kai, TupuToa whanau heard from esteemed guest, Monique Faleafa, CEO of community partner group, Le Va. Monique shared her belief that it is the everyday, ordinary individuals, carrying out seemingly insignificant tasks over time, who truly champion society – they are our heroes. She concluded by challenging the interns to be consistently positive and optimistic in the face of adversity.

The stay was a great success and we eagerly anticipate the next - our leadership Wananga, in February this year.

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