Intern Final Presentations

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini.

My strength is not that of a single warrior, but that of many.

Our internships are never about any final destination. The journey is what we focus on, and at the end of the internships, our interns have an opportunity to showcase this marvellous journey through their final presentations. We have over 60 partners and each partner gave each of our 150+ interns the opportunity to share their story in their own way. Although these journeys appeared to be walked alone, it became very evident that our interns walked this journey with their families, loved ones, islands and communities. Many interns made sure to acknowledge that this moment in time was a direct result of the giants whose shoulders they stand on.

Our Māori and Pasifika communities are vibrant, full of life, love and collectivism. It is these characteristics that shone through in many of our interns’ presentations. Many began their presentations speaking of who they bring with them to work every day (in spirit), who has impacted them and who they work hard for.

And work they did! It was a surreal experience for our CEO and Student Navigators to witness these presentations and hear about the work that our interns were a part of. There were interns working on organisation wide projects, entrusted to tasks that interns would not usually be a part of. The vast majority of our interns absolutely thrived in these environments and brought genuine, authentic and true diversity and inclusion to the companies they were a part of. It was a win-win for our interns and companies because all this incredible work resulted in many graduate offers. A company gained a valuable new member, and the intern gained an empowering opportunity to learn, grow, develop and subsequently uplift the communities that they acknowledged at the beginning of their presentations.

At TupuToa, we believe in what we do because we believe in the interns. The intern presentations are one of the most rewarding experiences because it is an eloquent wrap-up of the work experience gained, the bonds made between interns and partners, and the empowerment that both parties experience through the internship.

On our intern presentation days, we are all given front row seats – whether we are the intern presenting or the partner watching - to see how the hard work of everyone involved pays off in ways that we only dared to dream about. It is a collective effort. It is collective success.

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