Intern Success Stories: Asena Tolungamaka

Our strong partnership with Air New Zealand has been a point that TupuToa is proud to celebrate. Air New Zealand’s passion for growing a diverse talent pipeline has been very evident in their graduate offer to one of our interns, Asena Tolungamaka, who is the first graduate role that the People department have offered. She is Air NZ’s Corporate Graduate in HR Revenue and EX.

During her TupuToa internship, Asena worked in the Diversity and Inclusion team where she contributed to the work going into Air NZ’s cultural competency framework, and supported Air NZ’s many employee networks such as Manu - the Māori and Pasifika network, the Women’s Network, and Pride Network. Her passion for uplifting and empowering all parts of our society is why Asena thrived with this opportunity.

Asena is a proud member of the South Auckland community. She has always aimed to achieve success in the greatest heights because she wants to encourage those in her neighbourhood not to be deterred from any negative aspects of their socio economic circumstances, and to thrive despite of it.

She applied for the TupuToa programme, specifically wanting to work at Air NZ. As Aotearoa New Zealand’s leading corporate and given it’s integral role in economy and our country in general, she wanted to make an impact in an organisation that is impacting the world.

She loved her internship with Air NZ and is excited and very grateful for the incredible opportunity as a graduate. During this role, she will be rotating in different areas of the business including teams in the Finance area, Talent and Recruitment, People Revenue, Employee Experience, and People and Advisory Services.

Asena hopes to gain as much experience, growth and professional development as she can in her journey with Air New Zealand. Air NZ has a plethora of opportunities, and she aims to make the absolute most it so that one day, she can be in a good position to give back to her community and all those she can encourage in their own journey to succeed.

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