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This year we received funding from Foundation North and SKYCITY Auckland Community Trust to launch a new initiative called TupuAke Work Ready series. TupuAke is a programme designed to support more Māori and Pacific students to realise their career goals and transition successfully into graduate roles across corporate New Zealand.

TupuAke includes workshops to help Māori and Pacific students and graduates develop a broad range of skills including:

- CV & cover letter preparation

- Creating your “elevator pitch” for employers

- Practicing psychometric tests

- How to successfully tackle video interviews

- Interview coaching

- Assessment centre know-how

- Mentoring and career coaching

Our two first workshops are planned for November this year. It includes face to face and online components.

TupuToa National Pulse Survey

To support our TupuToa partners better understand Māori and Pacific candidates and ongoing development of organisation- wide cultural competency, we are conducting a nationwide more Māori and Pacific pulse survey.

The survey is modelled on the current nationwide Student Pulse survey to enable key differentiating factors between more Māori, Pacific and other student ethnicities to be highlighted and shared. The intention of this project for TupuToa is to increase understanding of Māori and Pacific student behaviours, expectations and approaches to the graduate market to help organisations to more effectively engage with more Māori and Pacific student talent pools.

Diversity and Inclusion for all

At TupuToa we are committed to supporting all our Māori and Pacific students equally. We know that the current statistics in New Zealand is not favourable and unemployment rate for people with identified disability is 8.6% compared to 3.8% for non-disable peoples. The median weekly income sits disproportionately at $900 per week for a disabled person and $1,016 for a non-disabled person. (Stat NZ, June 2019 Quarter findings).

We joined partnerships with Te Pou and CCSDisability to upskill our own team first through the Disability Awareness Workshop and now encouraging all our partners to take on this training. We are also supporting some our enthusiastic interns with identified impairment into workforce. Thank you to those partners who are positively growing and making their internship work spaces more inclusive for all!

Building the pipeline of Salesforce skilled accredited professionals

Globally, hundreds of thousands of businesses use Salesforce as a critical business tool. International Data Corporation predicts that Salesforce and its worldwide ecosystem will enable the creation of 3.3million jobs within the Salesforce ecosystem from the use of cloud computing between the end of 2016 and the end of 2022.

In New Zealand, almost a thousand leading organisations use Salesforce, and with more than 36,000 licenses in operation, there remains a shortage of suitably qualified personnel who can manage the technology for the benefit of organisations. TupuToa aims to help plug this gap.

Leveraging on its strengths in identifying and developing Māori and Pacific young people for professional careers, TupuToa has entered into a unique partnership with Salesforce and Accenture to train 30 Māori and Pacific tertiary students and graduates and help them secure Salesforce Administrator credentials as part of a pilot project. The trial will include the delivery of administrator level training to meet industry skills needs.

TupuToa is identifying and recruiting the 30 participants for the training. Salesforce and Accenture will provide training and certification for the participants, including covering costs for these. Accenture is an existing partner of TupuToa and is Master Certified by Salesforce in all 12 industries and clouds that are currently recognised. Together with Salesforce, Accenture is driving Salesforce’s largest transformational projects.

Our hand-picked and suitably trained participants will help to meet the urgent need for Salesforce accredited practitioners. We welcome interest from Salesforce Partner organisations who can provide on-the-job training and/or employment opportunities for our participants.

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