Managers Cultural Competency Trainings 2020

The TupuToa Managers Cultural Competency Training series for 2020 has kicked off! This year the team will deliver a total of 9 workshops across Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton.

TupuToa navigators are finalising the cohort of 2020/21. Meanwhile, managers across our partner network are preparing to confirm, match and receive our interns. To help managers in this endeavour, we host a series of Managers Cultural Competency Trainings. These sessions are an essential part of preparation as TupuToa intern managers.

Things we cover during the workshops include:

  • An introduction to understanding Te ao Māori and Pacific cultural values and world views;

  • Develop cultural capital and leadership of staff;

  • Take you through the TupuToa journey and our vision for the future;

  • Detail our expectations from you as manager, mentors and buddies to our interns; and

  • Provide tips and advice when working with our interns from a cultural perspective.

The kaupapa or aim of these workshops is to better prepare managers to welcome and awhi or embrace our TupuToa interns in their workplace.

The workshop will be co-facilitated by TupuToa and a dynamic duo of cultural champions, Michael Moka from Indigenous Growth and Manase Lua from Te Pou.

Check out the images from our trainings in Wellington hosted by Transpower and Auckland hosted by Microsoft this morning below!

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